Flooring with Big Slabs

The bigger the slab, the smaller the space.

KK Stones

Machines are slicing bigger and bigger blocks of marble and granite, and creating huge slabs.

Looked in isolation these huge slabs look grand. Typically these slabs are stacked vertically in the stockyard, so eyes look at them as if looking at a wall or painting on a wall.

If the flooring area is huge, these slabs may look alright as floor under your feet. But if the flooring area is a typical flat, you are in for a space-scrunching feeling.

When you are out to buy marble or granite for flooring, check the floor space available between the walls demarcate the floor space. And then divide it by the number of slabs or piece of flat marble or granite you have in mind.

For example if the space is 20′ * 15′, then you get 300 sq. ft. of space for flooring. If you wish to use slabs of 8′ * 2’6″, that means each slab covers 20 sq. ft. of flooring space. So 15 slabs will cover your entire floor.

Instead of 15 slabs, try imagining 45 slabs. There you have a floor worth looking at.

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