Non-Kejriwal Stone

Aha! I am curious now. Because of this scandal of opulence, what is going to happen? Will Dior Pearl White marble from Vietnam become more popular in India?

I picked this picture of Dior Pearl White marble from a website. Have a look.

At K. K. Stones Ahmedabad, you are going to get only Non-Kejriwal stone. So far that’s the status. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get beautiful stone. Indian white marble is also exquisite.

There are 2 things you must be particular about:

  1. Limiting the size of the stone tile
  2. Staying patient while the mason lays a neat floor for you

When doing up a house, typically customers look for huge slabs of stone as a measure of beauty. We recommend smaller slabs or tiles of stone and the mason’s work as a measure of beauty.