I’ve never liked the word ‘flat’. But someone must have used for his/her purposes in some situation and it has stuck since then.

House, Home, Bungalow, Row-house, Tenement, Hut, Cottage, Stable, Shade, Shelter, Flat!

More and more folks buying flats are buying big slabs for flooring. If ‘flat’ the word weren’t this bad, now there’s enough done to ensure flatness in the look of a flat too.

Slabs ensure that the flat achieves its flatness. Wisdom would suggest, “Reduce the flatness from this flat”.

What would you do to reduce the flatness? Hire an interior designer?

Teakwood Stone Panels for Wall Elevation

Some more pictures from a work-in-progress… Teakwood stone walls would never tire you. Natural and artistic in its own way. More of Ahmedabad’s walls and buildings covered with Teakwood stone would be pleasant to see.

And then this is how these panels get packed for delivery. We have to send them carefully.

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4 Feet by 4 Feet Stone Flooring

Here’s a picture of square 4′ * 4′ Kota Stone flooring.

Don’t mind the picture quality. Perhaps shot indoors with a mobile phone. Besides, it is always difficult to photograph floors or flooring, no matter the design or patterns. You never get the height you desire; and creating perspectives are to show attractive flooring indoors are so difficult. Remember, floors are for the soles of your feet and for your body in space, more than for your eyes.

The hues of Kota Stone are so consistent. Beautiful gradient even when hues differ.

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How Should One Look At Stone Samples?

Dealing with Big Architects, Purchase Managers at Corporate Construction Companies and their Quality Checkers becomes quite awkward on occasions.

When you contact them, often they ask for ‘samples’.

The thing about samples is, for certain kinds of stone or granite, samples may be fairly representative. 100% representation is just not practical and not reliable either. But for most kinds of stone or granite, samples may just not be representative.

Stone, granite, marble are taken out of quarries. Quarries are god’s gift or nature’s gift. They are not factories. They are a storehouse of nature’s abundance, not man-made products.

The insistence of bulk users of natural stone on adherence to ‘samples’ is unreal; no supplier can control that sort of thing. The magic lies in how to compose architectural looks and interior designs with what nature has gifted us with.

Of course, sometimes ‘non-adherence to samples’ is used as a reason to pay less or not pay at all to the supplier. That is malafide intention, trickery, charlatanism.

Can you tell for sure that a 6″ * 6″ sample is a representative of a lot of 4000 sq. ft. of stone or granite. It is ridiculous. More ridiculous since stone dazzles through its variation not through its uniformity.

River-finished Stone for Flooring in a Farmhouse

So some makers do try interesting things.

Here’s a video of work-in-progress of flooring being done in a room at a farmhouse. The same floor is getting done in all the rooms.

River-finished stone in brown color. Size is 1600 mm * 1200 mm and thickness is in the range of 22 mm to 30 mm. Have a look below. It’s short.

Someone who has different ideas may want a glossy floor. But the point to remember is that as much as floor and interior design is meant for the eyes, it is equally meant for your soles of your feet and for your body to feel good in.

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Paving Paths with Cobblestone

A pic of work-in-progress, paving cobbles for pathway for a residential society.

Not sure if the picture gives you an exact idea of the color of these cobbles. They are brown. In the language of stone, brown may be slightly different from what one understands in other contexts.

Size: 150 mm * 150 mm on the surface side, thickness 40 to 60 mm.

Somewhat similar to cobblestones are flagstones; they are mostly irregularly shaped and have bigger surface area. If someone attempts flagstone flooring indoors, should make that space ever-attractive.

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Flooring with Big Slabs

The bigger the slab, the smaller the space.

KK Stones

Machines are slicing bigger and bigger blocks of marble and granite, and creating huge slabs.

Looked in isolation these huge slabs look grand. Typically these slabs are stacked vertically in the stockyard, so eyes look at them as if looking at a wall or painting on a wall.

If the flooring area is huge, these slabs may look alright as floor under your feet. But if the flooring area is a typical flat, you are in for a space-scrunching feeling.

When you are out to buy marble or granite for flooring, check the floor space available between the walls demarcate the floor space. And then divide it by the number of slabs or piece of flat marble or granite you have in mind.

For example if the space is 20′ * 15′, then you get 300 sq. ft. of space for flooring. If you wish to use slabs of 8′ * 2’6″, that means each slab covers 20 sq. ft. of flooring space. So 15 slabs will cover your entire floor.

Instead of 15 slabs, try imagining 45 slabs. There you have a floor worth looking at.

To argue or debate further regarding the aesthetics of big slabs vs small slabs, we are available at our office.

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Boundary Wall Stone Grill at a Public Park

Have a look at this work-in-progress:

This is installed in a boundary wall at a public park.

Reminiscent of classic, ancient, old-time designs that live for hundreds of years. At plenty of places over the years, folks have installed cement grills because they come cheap, but are they any match to this? Even in this work-in-progress pic it looks so charming.

Are you working on a bungalow project? Or a farm-house project? You think these could look beautiful in your space and architectural plans?

Teakwood-look Natural Stone

Have a look at this:

If I didn’t show the entire profile of this piece of stone, you may even mistake it for actual wood grains.

Exquisite for wall-cladding. Would fill the space with warmth. Mind you, you got to use lights in the range of 3000 to 4200 Kelvin. I suppose, your architect or interior designer would take care of that.

Can be used as a table-top too. You would never get bored.