Handmade Natural Stone Veneers

We make these in 2 sizes: 1 ft * 1 ft (300 mm * 300 mm) and 2 ft * 6 inches (600 mm * 150 mm).

Architects and Interior Designers like these Stone Veneers for wall-cladding and elevation-design.

Sometimes these are also called Stone Wall Panels or Stone Mosaics.

Stone Veneers allow for a lot of unique customization. You can choose different combinations of colors and stones. You can choose the motifs you want etched on the stone used in these veneers.

Showcasing below some designs that we can make for you.

Since these are handmade and uniquely customizable for every project, mostly these are made-to-order.

Wall Panels & Veneers in Single Tone

Kota Stone Wall Panels

Adding patterns, textures and designs as they develop.

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