I’ve never liked the word ‘flat’. But someone must have used for his/her purposes in some situation and it has stuck since then.

House, Home, Bungalow, Row-house, Tenement, Hut, Cottage, Stable, Shade, Shelter, Flat!

More and more folks buying flats are buying big slabs for flooring. If ‘flat’ the word weren’t this bad, now there’s enough done to ensure flatness in the look of a flat too.

Slabs ensure that the flat achieves its flatness. Wisdom would suggest, “Reduce the flatness from this flat”.

What would you do to reduce the flatness? Hire an interior designer?

4 Feet by 4 Feet Stone Flooring

Here’s a picture of square 4′ * 4′ Kota Stone flooring.

Don’t mind the picture quality. Perhaps shot indoors with a mobile phone. Besides, it is always difficult to photograph floors or flooring, no matter the design or patterns. You never get the height you desire; and creating perspectives are to show attractive flooring indoors are so difficult. Remember, floors are for the soles of your feet and for your body in space, more than for your eyes.

The hues of Kota Stone are so consistent. Beautiful gradient even when hues differ.

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Flooring with Big Slabs

The bigger the slab, the smaller the space.

KK Stones

Machines are slicing bigger and bigger blocks of marble and granite, and creating huge slabs.

Looked in isolation these huge slabs look grand. Typically these slabs are stacked vertically in the stockyard, so eyes look at them as if looking at a wall or painting on a wall.

If the flooring area is huge, these slabs may look alright as floor under your feet. But if the flooring area is a typical flat, you are in for a space-scrunching feeling.

When you are out to buy marble or granite for flooring, check the floor space available between the walls demarcate the floor space. And then divide it by the number of slabs or piece of flat marble or granite you have in mind.

For example if the space is 20′ * 15′, then you get 300 sq. ft. of space for flooring. If you wish to use slabs of 8′ * 2’6″, that means each slab covers 20 sq. ft. of flooring space. So 15 slabs will cover your entire floor.

Instead of 15 slabs, try imagining 45 slabs. There you have a floor worth looking at.

To argue or debate further regarding the aesthetics of big slabs vs small slabs, we are available at our office.

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Beyond 4 Sides of a Rectangle

How is this for your floor? If not indoors, then what about outdoors? Can you appreciate the surface finish of these multi-sided irregular stones?

I’ve observed that plenty of rooms are floored with the same kind of gigantic rectangular slabs of stone or marble, irrespective of the size of surface area to be floored.

Big slabs are faster and may be easier to lay, and therefore quite easily, also quite ugly to look at. The other day I was at someone’s place in Shahibag, Ahmedabad, and they’ve put huge glossy slabs on the walls! Alright!

One measure for those who are getting their interior/exterior design done:

Size of the surface area of the floor / Size of a rectangular slab (or stone piece)

The the greater the result, the better you would feel when the floor is done.

For example, if the room is 15ft * 12ft, and the slab size is 6ft * 2.5ft, it will take just 12 slabs to floor the entire area. Now think if the stone size is 1.5ft * 1.5ft, it will take 80 stone-pieces to floor the area.

Which is a better option? 16 or 80? For your eyes? For your feet? For creative floor surfacing? For the long term?

Cobblestones (work in progress)

They are stones, they don’t come packed. But when they are laid, there’s no comparison. Have a look below, clicked at a recent project for a bungalow.

You are not going to get vitrified tiles for such beauty. You may think it’s just a matter of outdoors vs indoors, but it isn’t quite. It’s a matter of patience and sensibilities. It’s a matter of what your sole (you may even say, soul) wants to feel.

Judging Flooring

Your choice of flooring for your house depends on quite a few factors. One of the factors is how does it feel to the soles of your feet. Repeat:


But then now so many of us wear slippers most of the times when we are indoors. And so the feeling to the soles is kind of lost. And then flooring becomes just a matter of visual pleasure.

This looks good, that looks good.

I am confused.

Oh this color is not so good. Let’s check some more colors.

Oh this doesn’t match the color of the table!

Oh, but we chose that laminate. And so this color will look good.

Our senses have gone for a toss and so has our sense of designing. But some small reminders may help. But then who reminds whom… When? After the interior design is horribly done, it’s all a matter of criticisms, odd expressions and jealousies.