How Should One Look At Stone Samples?

Dealing with Big Architects, Purchase Managers at Corporate Construction Companies and their Quality Checkers becomes quite awkward on occasions.

When you contact them, often they ask for ‘samples’.

The thing about samples is, for certain kinds of stone or granite, samples may be fairly representative. 100% representation is just not practical and not reliable either. But for most kinds of stone or granite, samples may just not be representative.

Stone, granite, marble are taken out of quarries. Quarries are god’s gift or nature’s gift. They are not factories. They are a storehouse of nature’s abundance, not man-made products.

The insistence of bulk users of natural stone on adherence to ‘samples’ is unreal; no supplier can control that sort of thing. The magic lies in how to compose architectural looks and interior designs with what nature has gifted us with.

Of course, sometimes ‘non-adherence to samples’ is used as a reason to pay less or not pay at all to the supplier. That is malafide intention, trickery, charlatanism.

Can you tell for sure that a 6″ * 6″ sample is a representative of a lot of 4000 sq. ft. of stone or granite. It is ridiculous. More ridiculous since stone dazzles through its variation not through its uniformity.